Govt may consider Shell’s 60/70 grade bitumen — Pairin

The Borneo Post (Sabah)
8 Oct 2015
By Murib Morpi

Pairin (centre) launching the Shell Bitumen Grade 60/70 as Read (second left) , Brian Low (right) and other invited guests look on.

KOTA KINABALU: New bitumen developed by Shell may help improve the quality of paved road in Sabah, said Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

He said the government was interested to see the performance of the new product and might consider using it for the construction of the Pan Borneo Highway and other road projects in Sabah, if proven to be more cost effective and has better quality.

“Sabah is presently undergoing tremendous development in terms of infrastructure development, such as the Pan Borneo Highway project currently being implemented under the 11th Malaysian Plan. This is not only useful in terms of the state’s development, but good roads can also reduce accidents and lessen maintenance costs,” he said. Pairin, who is also State Infrastructure Development Minister said he was made to understand that the new Shell Malaysia’s 60/70 penetration grade bitumen was suitable for roads in Sabah, where the climate was always hot and humid.

He urged relevant parties involved in the implementation of government road projects to take note of the new product and find out if it could help them in bulding better public roads in the State.

He added that it was pleasing to note that Shell, a worldwide bitumen technology leader, regularly worked closely with the government and authorities around the world, including in Sabah, to ensure better roads could be built for the public.

“We are always keen to ensure the people benefit from better infrastructure, as it is crucial in developing a community – be it from linking businesses together, farmers to markets, the people to hospitals, and children to schools,” he said. Shell yesterday unveiled its 60/70 penetration grade bitumen in a launching ceremony officiated by Pairin, where it highlighted the benefit the new product could offer to road construction in Sabah.

Shell Bitumen’s Global General Manager of Technology, Professor John Read, who is one of the world’s foremost experts in bitumen technology, said the 60/70 grade bitumen had a higher tolerance to high ambient temperature and better resistance to road deformation than the traditional 80/100 grade currently used in Malaysia.

He said the new mix was intended for better road performance, as it was more suited to Malaysia’ tropical climate and increasing traffic loads, as compared to the 80/100 grade. “Shell is proud to be the first supplier to offer this new product grade here in Sabah,” he said.

Article courtesy of the Borneo Post

Newspaper cutting from New Sabah Times